President's Message

President’s Message

President’s Message

Dr.  Shiv Kumar NairDear Members, at the very outset let me thank everyone for providing me opportunity to serve as your President.Our recently concluded 65 th Annual Meeting at Chennai was a grand success with fruitful efforts of the organising committee with record number of registered delegates and participation of foreign faculty.

    Secretary's Message

    Secretary’s Message

    Secretary’s Message

    Dr C.S Hiremath

    Fellow Colleagues,

    The past 10 months have indeed been eventful in bringing out some ardently needed changes in streamlining procedures, incorporating pioneering practices and introducing newer elements to the welfare & progress of this profession of cardiothoracic and vascular surgery.

    An introspection and audit to analyse the performance of the elected executive is the direction for course correction & further outreach.

    The practice of cardiothoracic surgery is constantly evolving with technical advancement in the pursuance of better outcomes. At the same time, we continue to meet with challenges that confront the sustenance & progress in a developing country like ours.

    As the representation of this fraternity, the onus on the association fervently increases to address issues that have an impact on our practice. It goes a step further in consolidating our position at the global stage.

    The executive has been constantly working towards improving modalities that have an outcome in these factors. This issue is a brief of what it has tried to address.

    While the past few months have been exhilarating, I look forward to build on the positive note we have started off with. Indeed sustaining quality is more arduous than achieving it; but the team here is there to relentlessly safeguard and pursue the interests of each member, for a bright future.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Dr. C.S Hiremath


    Indian Association of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons

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