1. Become an IACTS Member

Membership in the Indian Association of Cardiovascular-Thoracic Surgeons (IACTS) is a prestigious achievement.

An online membership account with IACTS enables you to interact with other members of the association, receive IACTS newsletters, information on CMEs, messages and updates regarding regional and international meetings/conferences/courses/fellowships, share your knowledge and best practices through IACTS forum and network with wide group of members.

2. Who are new members?

New members are members who have not registered with IACTS previously by paying any membership fee. Members who would like to register with IACTS should pay the applicable membership fee and register online.

3. Who are existing members?

Existing members are members who have already paid the membership fee, long before the commencement of website and online registrations. These members should create online membership account for which no documents are required. However, we require the year of registration and IACTS membership number to process and approve the membership request.

Click here to view your IACTS new membership number Click here for instructions to view your IACTS new membership number

4. Membership Categories

1. Life Membership
2. Fellow
3. Honorary Fellowship
4. Overseas Life Membership (SAARC & non-SAARC countries)
5. Associate Membership (cardiac)
6. Associate Membership (non-cardiac)

5. Qualifications and Requirements

1. Life Member: A fully qualified cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon can alone become a Life Member. A fully qualified cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon means one who has successfully completed a surgical degree in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery recognized by the competent authority, in this case the Medical Council of India. On completion of the abovementioned degree, he/she can apply for the membership by filling and submitting the IACTS membership form along with copies of certificates/ documents and membership fee to the IACTS Secretariat, Chennai.

2. Overseas Life Member: A cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon who is not an Indian citizen can become an Overseas Life Member if otherwise qualified using the same form.

3. Fellow: The eligibility criteria to become the fellow (F.I.A.C.S) of IACTS (as per the amendments passed in the General Body Meeting, IACTSCON 2015, HICC, Hyderabad on 20 February 2015) are as follows: a. Completion of five full years of life membership b. Attendance for three annual conferences of IACTS c. Minimum of two publications (as author or co-author) in Indian Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (IJTCVS)—official publication of IACTS

4. Associate Member (cardiac): A doctor in training as a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon can become an Associate Member by applying for membership using the same registration form. He/she can upgrade to Life Membership upon qualification using the same registration form.

5. Associate Member (non-cardiac): A doctor who is an allied specialist can become an Associate Member (non-cardiac) using the same registrations form as well.

6. Application Process

1. Filled-in membership applications along with copies of documents and payment should be sent to the following mailing/email address, whichever is applicable:

Dr C S Hiremath
Secretary - IACTS
IACTS Secretariat
G 700, Doctor’s Office
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences
Whitefield, Bengaluru – 560 066
Karnataka, India
Phone: 080 2800 4426/4720/25/26
Email: secretary@iacts.org

2. Please ensure you have the following supporting documents:

  • 1. Completed application form (filled legibly in BLOCK letters) Download application form
  • 2. Letter of proposal from two existing Life Members/Fellows of IACTS Download letter
  • 3. Copies of self-attested degree certificates (MBBS/MS/DNB/MCh/DNB)
  • 4. Letter from the Head of the Department, if applying for Associate Membership
  • 5. Cheque, Demand Draft (DD) or online bank transfer receipt

Please note:

a. We will not require any hard copy if you are applying online, in which case you have to upload the scannedcopies of the completed membership application form, self-attested certificates, letters of proposal and receiptof online payment for membership fee.

b. If you choose to upload all the membership documents but would like to make the membership paymentthrough a cheque or DD, you can do so by keeping us informed (by email) so that we will wait for your paymentto reach us by registered post or courier, and will download other documents from the website to process yourmembership application.

c. If you choose not to apply online, you can send all the documents as hard copies through registeredpost/courier. However, we encourage you to register online since the process is quick and you will also be ableto create an online membership account simultaneously. Creating an online membership account gives youaccess to lot of resources almost instantly.

7. Membership Approval Process

1. Once we receive an application, whether online or through registered post/courier, all documents are verified.

2. If all documents are in place, approval for online application is processed within three days.

3. If all documents are in place, approval of applications through registered post or courier is processed within five days.

4. All the documents will be forwarded to the Joint Secretary and Treasurer (IACTS), Mumbai, for registration processes.

5. All applications will be reviewed and approved in the IACTS General Body meeting (during the annual conference usually organized in February each year or in the Midterm General Body meeting, held in August each year). Once the approval is complete, we will get back to you with details of membership number, ID card and certificate.

6. Applications are received by the Executive Committee of IACTS which has the authority to admit new members.

8. Membership Certificate

IACTS membership certificates are issued to Life Members and Fellows. Associate Members will be provided with a certificate after they successfully complete their surgical degree in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery and once their membership is upgraded to life membership from associate membership.

9. Membership Identity (ID) card

IACTS membership identity (ID) card is provided to all membership categories. These bar coded ID cards are not only useful for identification purposes but also to facilitate registrations, participation in various meetings like General Body during our annual conference, processing documents and other relevant information. Please fill in the online membership ID form to get your IACTS membership ID card.

10. Membership Fee

1. Life Member One-time fee of INR 5,000.00

2. Life Member (by upgrade) INR 3,000.00 (existing Associate Members only)

3. Overseas Life Member One-time fee INR 5,000.00 (SAARC countries)

4. Overseas Life Member USD 600.00 (Non-SAARC countries)

5. Associate Member (cardiac) One-time fee of INR 3,000.00

6. Associate member (non-cardiac) One-time fee of INR 3,000.00

11. Payment

Cheque or DD

Bank transfer details:

Account Name: IACTS Ac General Fund
Branch: Mumbai Central Branch
Account Number: 00001026896703
IFSC Code: CBIN 0280601
Cheque or DD should be in favour of "IACTS” (payable at Mumbai)

Please read the Check List below and make sure you have all the documents scanned before you fill up the Registration Form.

12.Check List:

  • a. Completed membership registration form with signature, first three pages printed back to back.
  • b. Cheque/demand draft or online payment receipt.
  • c. Self attested of MBBS degree certificate.
  • d. Self attested copy of medical council registration certificate.
  • e. Self attested copy of MS/DNB degree certificate.
  • f. Self attested copy of MCh/DNB degree certificate (if applicable).
  • g. Self attested copies of other educational certificates (if details provided for Sl. No. 13).
  • h. Letter of proposal (signed by two Life Members/Fellows of IACTS).
  • i. Letter from Head of Department (if applying for Associate Membership).
  • Proceed to Registration

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